What is WorkShift?

PLEASE NOTE: We have made the difficult decision to reschedule this conference for later this year. Please excuse the inconvenience. Details coming soon…

On August 16, 2014 50+ coworking space owners, operators and enthusiasts from all over the southeastern United States gathered in downtown Durham, NC to discuss coworking and the future of work. We’ve posted some video highlights of the event on the Workshift YouTube Channel.


Since then, we’ve had numerous people ask us when we are going to do it again. With the coworking culture in our region and the world growing at a breakneck pace, we think it’s time to continue the conversation.
WorkShift 2016
 is a 1-Day conference in Durham, NC that brings together top experts & coworking advocates to analyze the intersections of the coworking movement, workplace culture, and global economic trends. The conference takes place in the Durham Arts Council Building in downtown Durham.


Workshift is a unique gathering that connects  coworking veterans and thought leaders with experts from diverse fields such as real estate, business, public policy & academia.


After a stimulating roster of speakers, we’ll open up discussions in an unconference format to build on the morning presentations.

Our goal is to connect and empower our communities.

Sign up below and we’ll keep you posted on the details.